These Benefits of Reflexology You Can Get

If you feel sore and tired, reflexology may be your choice to overcome fatigue. Unlike the usual massage or massage method, reflexology focuses on several points on certain body parts such as the feet, hands, and ears. Traditional medicine experts believe that these points are related to all the nerves of internal organs in your body. Reflexology is one of the traditional healing techniques originating from China and Egypt. The hands and feet contain millions of nerve endings, and reflexology in this area is believed to be able to detect and overcome various health problems that you may experience. Various Benefits of Reflexology Reflexology is chosen by many people because it is believed to provide certain health benefits naturally without the need to take medication. Generally, reflexology is considered safe, although too much pressure can cause pain and discomfort for some people. Reflexology therapists use your thumbs and other fingers to press nerve points on your hands and
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